Because they're THAT good.

I've lived in London for over a year now, and the list of things I miss about the States has slowly been whittled down to a mere few. Some of these things are makeup products, others are TV shows, but most are food. There is one shop in London I've found that carries larabars, the healthy food blogger's favorite snack, but they don't have much of a selection. Imagine my delight when my wonderful Mom sent me a little box packed full of peanut butter cookie and chocolate coconut chew larabars!


Nothing beats these bars for their simple ingredients and healthy pick-me-upability. In the photo above, we also have a Pure chocolate brownie bar (sent from the States and just as delicious) and a Nakd berry cherry bar (from the UK -- tastes a lot like an Odwalla bar to me, not as simple ingredients).

My chocolate coconut chew that I plan on scoffing later contains just: dates, almonds, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa powder, and unsweetened coconut. Winner.

With so many seemingly "healthy" snack bars available (Nutrigrain, for example), it's so great to see these tasty treats becoming more popular. I remember grabbing a handful of these in my weekly shop back when I was living in San Diego. Little did I know I'd miss them so much in the future. I should have stockpiled while I had the chance!