learning to love leon

there's a great chain eatery based here in london that has made quite a name for itself. the branding stands out, the food is all healthy and full of exotic ingredients, and the prices are reasonable. i'm talking about leon, and if you're in this city too then you'll be familiar with it! i like leon, and i want to LOVE it, but there's one thing i'm not a fan of and that is lack of alterations. 001

since they are considered "fast food", most of their dishes are ready-made (fresh, but still pre-made), so if i wanted the grilled chicken superfoods salad (which i happened to order for lunch today), i could order it without the aioli but i couldn't order it without edamame beans. i have to pick each bean out myself once i've brought it back to my office, which poses a problem, as the salad also includes peas. and those two legumes look VERY similar.

while their menu shows which items are gluten-free, wheat-free, and vegetarian, they are pretty lax on the dairy-free items (of which there are several if you simply asked for your item without the aioli or yogurt or slaw, which seems to accompany every order). everything sounds and looks so good that it becomes a real bummer when i find that i can only eat about 3 things on their already minimal menu.

today was a fluke; i'd usually stick to my normal order of a chicken wrap (hold the yogurt of course) and a lemon-ginger-mint juice. but i was feeling ambitious, and doesn't "superfoods salad" just sound divine? oh well. i picked my way through it, but enjoyed my juice all the more.

and my cookies have disappeared from their tray in the office break-room. that's a success in my book!