a little bit of news

in the coming weeks, there will be big changes around the particular kitchen. first of all, we're getting a bit of a makeover. expect a fantastic logo and banner design soon.

i'm also going to be adding and updating pages on a regular basis. so far, you can check out the 'about' page, but there are also two others. the 'recipes' page lists links to all the recipes i've cooked and talked about on this site. it will be updated whenever i cook a new dish. the 'allergies' page explains my specific experience related to food intolerances, if you're interested.

and since cooking every single day is not possible for the time being, i still plan on blogging daily -- it may be about restaurants i visit around london, or about some cool or interesting websites that are relevant to this one. whatever the case, it's my goal to keep things fresh and to update often. there will be quite a bit more cooking and experimenting in the kitchen come november 1st as i depart my current 9-to-5 job and begin this endeavor full time!! i'll also be looking into more cooking schools and talking about that here.

oh, and some shameless self promotion. if you think people should know about the particular kitchen too, i'd be ever so grateful if you pointed them in this direction. thanks :)