Adapting a Cake Recipe

One of the most difficult challenges to an egg- and dairy-free person is the cake. How many cake recipes do you know that don't include eggs or milk or both? Luckily, there are plenty of substitutions out there. While they may not be a perfect match to the real thing (consistency is a big issue) they at least afford us the opportunity to bake to our hearts' content. I remember the first egg-free cake I made. It was a pineapple upside-down cake with my roommate Cara and we used egg beaters instead (turns out I'm allergic to both the yolk and the white so that didn't really work). Then I invested in some good old-fashioned powdered egg substitute. These tend to work much better in baking than the natural egg replacement methods, such as flaxseed or apple sauce or mashed bananas, since there is no added taste and it is purely used to bind the ingredients.

In the summer of 2008, right before I moved to London, Phil stayed with me during my last 6 weeks in San Diego. We cooked and baked a lot, and he told me all about his signature cake recipe: the flake cake. Below is a photo of the cake we made during said summer.


This cake is so popular in his family, he has been asked to bake it for his brother's wedding next July. Since he's got some time to prepare, it's been lots of fun helping him adapt the recipe to be a bit more allergy-friendly, since I won't be the only person at the wedding with dietary restrictions. I always tell him that we'll make as many versions as it takes to get the recipe juuuuuuuuust right.

I won't be posting the recipe just yet - it shall remain a secret for a little while longer (keeping the mystery alive). But I will say that the cake gets its name from a key ingredient: a crumbled up cadbury's flake.

As today is my last day at my current job, Phil baked a small flake cake for the occasion (eggless of course). My coworkers are lucky :)

Here are a few nice egg-free resources that I've come across recently: