halloween shenanigans

happy halloween! phil and i are getting all dressed up as a couple of fancy party goers who got murdered. i should probably come up with a better name for it, but that works for now :) today has been full of excitement because phil got to carve his first pumpkin (which we picked from crockford bridge farm) and i got to roast up some pumpkin seeds. i think the pumpkin looks pretty damn scary, don't you?


and after scooping out and cleaning off the seeds, i roasted them in a hot oven for about 20 minutes with some oil and plenty of salt. yummy snack or a great addition to salads.


i usually associate halloween / fall / pumpkins with america, but i'm glad we were able to have a mini celebration at home today, followed by a fun party tonight in foggy londontown.

since halloween candy doesn't really exist here, i hope all the americans reading this have an extra handful of candy corn for me :)