i'm in good company

even though i never saw that episode of top chef with zooey deschanel as the guest judge, i knew the challenge was something to do with her very restrictive diet. i randomly remembered that today, and decided to look it up. then i came across this spam article. she's vegan and intolerant to soy and gluten!! how exciting!!

but i have a big issue with how this writer idiotically handles the subject. i can't stand people who mock what they don't understand. while she may have chosen not to eat meat, most of her veganism is based on food sensitivities. the top chef episode probably did nothing to help those of us out there who are used to being mocked or criticised for our diets. while i wish i could eat all the dairy and soy and eggs in the world, and not be the girl asking my waiter about the menu and causing a fuss, that's just not the way it is, and i'm certainly not the only one out there doing it. look, zooey does it too!

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