kitchen on holiday

so i'm away from the comforts of home for a weekend. luckily though, i'm staying at a self-catering house and traveling by car, so it was simple to bring along some of my kitchen essentials. obviously, brighton is not exactly siberia, but sometimes you just want to bring stuff with you from home to be comfortable for the weekend. not only that, the house will be occupied by myself (and all my crazy allergies), phil (a pescetarian), his parents (pescetarians), his brother graham (a vegetarian), and his brother will and his fiancee josie (red-blooded meat and dairy eaters). might as well bring stuff along, yes?

  • breakfast - i'm bringing along a box of granola and a tub of goat's yogurt. that's breakfast sorted for the next five mornings. the cereal would be easy to find in a nearby grocery store, yes, but the yogurt? notsomuch.
  • snacks - a couple of larabars and pure bars. mostly for the car rides. we are also bringing along some treats for the fam.
  • baked yums - phil and i have been baking machines this week. he made the gingerbread cake and i made that crazy raspberry disaster. these are partly for will's birthday but also as treats/desserts for the whole house.
  • random ingredients - we'll be cooking a couple of meals at the house for dinners. one will almost certainly be a curry night, so we're bringing along a few spices/herbs with us (it would just be silly to either make a curry without cumin/coriander/turmeric or buy bottles there for one use). i'm also going to try and crowd please with that awesome vegan chili. with that in mind, we're bringing along some bulgar wheat and balsamic vinegar. the rest we can buy at the local store.
  • tea tea tea - phil has the regular stuff covered, and i'm bringing some green mate to satisfy my current green tea fixation.

of course, we'll be out at restaurants a couple of times. i'll continue with my daily posts, but they may be short and sweet via the iphone.