On Ordering Dessert

For those of us who don't eat dairy or eggs, it can be a real bummer when it's time to order dessert at a restaurant. There's only so many dishes of sorbet or bowls of fruit you can consume, all the while staring longingly at your neighbor's cheesecake or apple pie a la mode. So it's refreshing to dine out and see something a bit different on the dessert menu. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I get pretty excited about it. At dinner the other night, we went to pellicano in Chelsea. I assumed, since it was an Italian place, that there would be no chance of dessert for me. WRONG!


I was delighted to order the poached pear with cinnamon syrup and not a trace of cream or milk in sight! And look how pretty!

This would have been one million times better if it was warm (they served it to me chilled) but I still gobbled it up in all its fruity, spicy goodness. And the colors are perfect for autumn. Sweet!