particularly pretty

you may notice that things look a lil' different around here. thanks to my friend leonie, my blog is starting to take serious shape. she is responsible for that gorgeous header you see at the top there. i'm working on the rest of the design to make sure all the colours match up and it is as wonderful as it could possibly look. so please bear with me as i make changes one at a time. serious time will be put into the particular kitchen starting next week (i only have two days left at my current job -- aaggghhhh!) so i'm thinking about what's in store and what i need to get working on.

some cooking projects i'm going to start planning for:

  • making a yummy vegan shepherd's pie
  • thanksgiving dinner for ~10 people at our flat, including 2 vegetarians and of course myself!
  • christmas gifts of the jarred variety -- still deciding what to do
  • christmas cookies or desserts to bring to phil's family
  • visiting farmer's markets around london (including borough of course) for inspiration