a taste of cali in london

whenever i want to remember my five brilliant, sun-soaked years in san diego, all i have to do is track down some decent mexican grub. it became my favourite comfort food while i lived there and is still a frequent craving. unfortunately, british people just don't seem to understand mexican food. FORTUNATELY, they do know how to cook southern-cali-border-style mexican food (or "tex-mex" if you're from around those parts). the best place i've found in london so far apparently also has restaurants in paris, amsterdam, and sydney (ummmm random??) and has two names: cafe pacifico and la perla. if you found yourself in london and are craving a big ol' plate of rice and beans and enchiladas, i highly recommend either of the two covent garden-based outposts. 2198868889_7746839705

as far as menus go, this one is pretty allergy-friendly (and veggie-friendly too). the best thing about mexican food is that you can always order stuff without sour cream or cheese, and the options are seemingly endless. today, me and my friends went to cafe pacifico and i ordered the veggie fajitas. how perfect are fajitas for the restricted diet folks? you get to put whatever you want on that tortilla, so there's no question about what's in it. i love that.

i opted for corn tortillas rather than flour, i made phil taste the guacamole for any traces of sour cream before i slathered that on top, and only used the beans that didn't have any melted cheese on top (i forgot about that). two hours on and i'm still in a food coma. a happy mexican food coma.

while cafe pacifico might never live up to some of my favourite san diego spots, it'll do for now :)

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