Asian Tapas

One of my favourite new foodie blogs has to be happy lady eats. Joy has an incredible sense of style, not to mention her love of all things yummy. So I couldn't wait to try a recipe she recently posted on her blog called spicy & tangy shrimp stir-fry. I remember loving sriracha (in those big red bottles) back in San Diego, but was unable to find the same brand out here in London. Luckily, Whole Foods came to the rescue (again) and provided us with a decent substitute. We decided to make a bit of a mixed plate of food for dinner. I made Joy's shrimp, while Phil tried his hand againat onion bhajis. We also had some steamed veg and rice noodles to complete the meal. Check out our table o' goodies.

That's the shrimp stir-fry on the left and the bhajis on the right. He really did a great job at perfecting that recipe - they were crispy and delish, with a little bit of sweet chili sauce for dipping. Oh and those are some green olives in that little dish in the middle. I mixed them with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and a teeny bit of chopped red chili. That doesn't exactly go with the theme, but a nice addition nonetheless. For the shrimp recipe, please visit happy lady eats! (Oh, and go easy on that sriracha - it's spicier than it looks!)