best music in 2009

in a completely tangential post, i'm going to continue a long-standing personal tradition of listing my favourite music from the past year right here on the blog. now that it's december, i think it's time. there have been some excellent albums released in 2009 (as well as some rubbish ones) so even if you don't agree with me, i hope you enjoy my year-end list.

these are my top 10 albums of the year, in alphabetical order (it was hard enough picking 10).

>> bat for lashes - two suns

favourite track: good love bat for lashes website

>> black lips - 200 million thousand

favourite track: starting over black lips website

>> camera obscura - my maudlin career

favourite track: you told a lie camera obscura website

>> coconut records - davy

favourite track: courtyard coconut records website

>> the cribs - ignore the ignorant

favourite track: nothing the cribs website

>> fanfarlo - reservoir

favourite track: fire escape fanfarlo website

>> jemina pearl - break it up

favourite track: selfish heart jemina pearl website

>> metric - fantasies

favourite track: blindness metric website

>> tegan and sara - sainthood

favourite track: someday tegan and sara website

>> white rabbits - it's frightening

favourite track: percussion gun white rabbits website

>> and these are the runners-up.

what were some of your favourite bands/albums this year?