today's lunch was scrumptious and eaten up in 5 minutes flat. it also set off the smoke alarm, but we don't need to get into all that, do we? i've had some uncooked flour tortillas sitting in my freezer ever since my friend suzanne's parents were visiting london from san diego and brought souvenirs. suzanne's dad made huevos rancheros for all of her british friends (oh and me) who'd never even heard of such a thing. i think it's safe to say they are big fans now.

anyway, her parents bestowed such an excellent gift upon my kitchen and i completely forgot about them. until today! phil happened to pick up a can of refried black beans the other day (during his mystery shopping trip) and, with the help of half an avocado, a couple of small tomatoes, some crumbled goat's cheddar, and a squidge of salsa, i had the makings of a decent burrito on my hands.

uncooked tortillas are infinitely better than your average supermarket ready-made variety. unfortunately, living across the pond, i can't find these beauties anywhere. but a quick 30 second blast on each side of an uncooked tortilla in a very hot frying pan and you're looking at possibly the best burrito you've ever had.

i ate two today. i'm not gonna lie about it.

there's something pretty magical about a tortilla that is both crunchy and soft enough to roll up at the same time. i love you, tortillaland.