Chocolate in the Morning

Ah the Christmas spirit, it's fully upon us here in London. I've already completed all of my Christmas shopping, have found a wonderful vegan mince pie recipe to make for a party in a couple of weeks, and am going to see the new christmas carol movie in 3D at the Imax on Tuesday! Phil and I are also going to be picking up a little Christmas tree for our flat this weekend -- then it will really feel festive around here. But one way we've already started to celebrate (and how could I say no to this time-honored tradition?) is by each having our own chocolate advent calendars. Take a guess whose is whose.

The one on the left is a classic cadbury's Dairy Milk one, while the one on the right is an organic & vegan dark chocolate one from montezuma's. Obviously this photo was taken a couple of days ago, since only two days have been opened. But I think we know who the real winner is... getting to eat a massive piece of dark chocolate at breakfast for 24 days is possibly the greatest thing ever. Is there a better way to begin a December day? Clearly, Phil and I are still children. I really hope he's not the only 26-year-old with a Dairy Milk advent calendar. Really.