christmas recap

we're back in london for less than 24 hours, so i thought i'd write a brief post about our christmas up in northumberland and saying adieu until next time (whenever that may be!) i had an absolutely wonderful time with phil's family for christmas. to be honest, i was a little unsure as to how things would go - this was my first time having christmas away from my family and i hadn't met phil's aunt and uncle whom we were staying with. not to mention, i'd never been to that part of england before.

but as soon as we arrived, it was clear i had nothing to worry about. everyone made me feel so welcome and i had a blast joining in their christmas traditions. everything from the pub dinner on christmas eve to the chaotic present opening on christmas morning to the stroll along the beach in alnmouth on boxing day.

we had some absolutely amazing food -- and i am forever grateful to phil's aunt (and mother and cousins) for cooking me some extra special versions of the food we were all enjoying. i didn't get very many photos unfortunately (too busy eating) but here are just a few...

sausages which were put into sandwiches on christmas morning brunch... YUM.

a beautiful christmas cake decorated by phil's cousin katie - featuring the snowman and edible glitter!

and finally, my extra special christmas pudding (with a nice glass of red) -- it may not look like much but, trust me, it was fantastic. and especially egg free just for me! (thanks aunt helen!) i enjoyed mine with some warm bird's custard (made with oat milk).

and finally, a photo of phil and i during our snowy walk on christmas day around snitter.

hope your christmas was as wonderful as mine!

we're in the midst of unpacking and repacking in time for our flight to boston tomorrow afternoon. i hope to have some random posts for you during our travels over the next two weeks, but please bear with me as i'll be sans-iphone and sans-laptop for the majority of the time. also, it's new year's eve, my birthday, and cara's wedding reception while we're away!

regular posting will resume on my return to london - january 11th.

in the meantime, have a wonderful start to 2010 (if i don't manage a post before then)!