Day Three: Fishy Fishy

Apologies for the late post! Although technically it is still the 16th in some parts of the world right now, so just consider this the Wednesday recap and I'll post a Thursday recap later tonight. Anyway, with that out of the way, day three at cooking school was great! I don't have any pictures today unfortunately, but the main three things we focused on were: bread, fish, and SNOW!! Okay that last one wasn't related to cooking, but everyone was loving the snowflakes falling outside. It was very Christmasy and magical as we kneaded our dough.

After school, I headed straight out for a friend's birthday before going to see Julian Casablancas at the Forum. I brought my loaf of bread with me and everyone seemed to enjoy nibbling on it! Great success!


  • Italian bread (which we then made ourselves in the afternoon)
  • Mackerel with Gooseberry Sauce (sooo much better than my attempt at mackerel)
  • Lemon Sole Meuniere
  • Fish Pie (featuring cream, milk, and eggs... so didn't get to try any, but did learn that you should never use a masher for your mashed potatoes)


  • Made the Italian bread, with olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt. Mine looked like a football.
  • Lime and parsley sole fillets with salt and vinegar "chips" (The sole was given an egg wash brush to help the breadcrumb mixture stick, so I couldn't taste those, but the chips were delicious... just baby new potatoes cut in half and roasted in salt and oil, then drizzled with balsamic once done)
  • Ate our jelly with pineapple chili salsa from the day before (And it was actually tasty! I know I was sceptical about the flavor combination, but it was surprisingly good. Unfortunately it didn't travel well so I couldn't bring any home. Don't think I'll be attempting jelly again by myself, but the salsa was a winner and will most likely be replicated for our dinner tonight)

So that was wednesday, and now the week is half way over! What a shame...

Today, we are going to making a roast lamb with mint sauce and roast potatoes - which I think we'll get to enjoy for lunch :) And also making a crumble for dessert that I hope to bring home with me. Then in the afternoon we are learning about egg whites (oh good) and pasta sauces (including pesto!).