Day Two: A Vegetarian's Nightmare

I may be cooking mostly vegetarian cuisine at home these days, but I had to thank my lucky stars at school today when I saw what we were making in the kitchen and learning about in the demonstration. You may have seen some of my tweets today (if you're following me! @particularmolly), but if not, here's what I ate for lunch: That would be a spinach, mango, & bacon salad with croutons and red chili (feta was added to everyone else's dish). We cooked up all of the ingredients and plated it RIGHT before lunchtime so we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labor after a long morning of frying and baking and chopping.


  • Orange & passionfruit jelly (we get to enjoy that tomorrow)
  • Pineapple chili salsa (to go with the jelly - bit of a weird pairing if you ask me)
  • Spinach, mango & bacon salad
  • Oh yes and the piece du resistance: LEEK & BACON FLAN, pictured below. It was made with the rich shortcrust pastry we prepared yesterday. I got to bring it home with me, but there's just one small problem: neither I nor Phil can eat it, and my neighbor is away for the night. So who will get to enjoy this frankly PERFECT flan? I think Phil's students will get a bite tomorrow, since no one I know in their right mind lives way out in the sticks like us!


I love love LOVED today's demonstration instructor. Her name was Sue and she was from Yorkshire. She prepared three different roasts for us, right before our very eyes, and somehow pulled the whole thing off without a hitch (it's hard enough making ONE roast). Loved her!

  • Roast pork with applesauce and pork gravy
  • Roast beef with horseradish cream and beef gravy
  • Roast chicken with chicken gravy
  • yorkshire puddings
  • Roasted potatoes (ALMOST but not quite as good as my grandma's)
  • Roasted parsnips
  • Carrots and broccoli

We got SO MANY great tips about creating the perfect Sunday roast. I definitely want to try making one one of these days. Will need to invite some fellow meat-eaters round of course!

Sue doesn't believe in a low-fat roast, so she roasted the yorkshire puddings, potatoes, and parsnips in DRIPPING (she also recommended goose fat or duck fat). And even though my clothes now reek of roasting fat, OMG the flavor was intensely amazing. We all got to try a bit of everything at the end of the day and it was superior.

Tomorrow, we are preparing our own Italian bread, fish and chips, and the aforementioned jelly. Problem is, Phil and I are going to see julian casablancas tomorrow night. Looks like we'll have to make a pitstop on the way there to give someone a little gift!