First Day at School

Phew! Dinner is in the oven, and I finally have five minutes to sit down and tell you all about my first day at leith's school. It's been a crazy long day, but I feel like I've learned so much already. Can't wait for the next four days (and I MUST remember to bring tupperware with me to bring home the goodies - you should have seen the tower of stuff I had to cradle in my arms on the bus home!) So... this is a beginner's course, which means there is a wide range of other students with me. University students, single Dads, housemaids. No other bloggers! (I think)

Each day is split into two: demonstration and practice. Today we had demo first and then practice after lunch. I won't go into complete specifics here, but here's what we generally covered today...


  • Four basic stocks from scratch (white chicken, brown chicken, vegetable, and fish)
  • The perfect scrambled eggs on toast
  • Two different styles of omelette
  • Two different styles of creme anglaise (custard)
  • Spiced parsnip soup
  • Rich shortcrust pastry
  • Quiche Lorraine

Practice (in the kitchen)

  • We each made our own rich shortcrust pastry (which will become our own quiches tomorrow)
  • In teams of two (although in my case it was a team of 3) we made our own garlic paste hummus
  • Chopped up a whole tray of fresh vegetables into crudites (learned some valuable knife skills in the process)

So, a great place to be allergic to eggs, eh? Oh well. I'm learning how to make proper eggs for everyone else! But there haven't been any issues so far. During the demonstrations, the cook passes around the dishes he prepares to that everyone can try (and of course, I just pass mine on to the next person). In the kitchen, however, I'm not sure what will become of my quiche tomorrow. I'm hoping someone will want seconds :)

The rest of the dishes we are preparing this week don't look very allergy-friendly. So I'll just have to grin and bear it, and know that I'm learning important cookery skills.

I'll do my best to keep this updated as the week goes by. All I know is, I'm exhausted (and hungry)!