getting my learn on

starting tomorrow (that's monday) i'll be attending my one-week course at leith's school of food and wine. the day has finally come! so i'm putting the word out right now that, while i plan on continuing my tradition of daily posts, please bear with me if they aren't lengthy or have a nice photo inside. i'll do my best to cover my experience at "school" but brief recaps may have to do. for any who are interested, no, i will not be using substitutions in any of the recipes i make at leith's. i've spoken with some of the staff and we've agreed it's best that i learn the recipes in their original form. i just won't be able to taste what i make if it contains any dairy or eggs or soy.

what i'm hoping to gain from this short course is:

  • a greater understanding and appreciation of some essential cooking skills
  • an introductory week of cooking that will prepare me for further studies next year (perhaps at the same school, perhaps not)
  • ideas for allergy-friendly alternatives
  • some friends (awwwwwwww...)
  • and let's face it some DELICIOUS FOOD to bring home!

so... gonna rest up now for my big first day! talk to you manana :)