The Particular Kitchen just got a WHOLE lot healthier. My very generous Grandma gave me a wonderful early Christmas present (since it's a little too big to bring to the States and then back to England again). A JUICER! I'm so excited to start making my own juices (and coulis and cold soups and cocktails...) - so excited in fact that I made some fantastic stuff yesterday morning after making my weekly trip to the local farmer's market. P.S. they have their own website finally - check out my beloved barnes farmer's market!

I picked up a huge bag of apples and pears as well as some carrots and spinach, and immediately got juicing. Phil and I decided to experiment by using 4 cox apples, 3 large carrots, and a couple of pieces of ginger (admittedly large pieces).

The result was a very orange and delicious juice, but I think the best part is the process of actually making the juice (the worst part is cleaning up all the leftover pulp GROSS). There is something weirdly satisfying about pressing the pieces of fruit and veg through the tube and watching it become a slow trickle of colourful juice into your cup. I can't wait to start experimenting with different combinations. And eventually building up the courage to do green juices with spinach, kale, etc. And maybe even beetroot! Ooh exciting!

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