smells like christmas

today has been a wonderful fake christmas day so far! phil and i decided to have our own mini christmas a few days early - so we have unwrapped most of our presents, and are going to have a wonderful feast tonight. and then watch love actually. total cheese. anyway, major thank you to my dad for supplying the keyboard with which i am typing this lil blog post -- that's right, folks, i'm the proud owner of a brand new laptop! it is so pretty. i still need to think of a name. skye, a little help?

also, thank you to naomi of the gluttonous vegan! we met up for some delicious raw cake over the weekend, had a great chat, and i couldn't be happier to have such a wonderful new friend in london. she graciously wrote a lil something about the particular kitchen on her blog, so now i must obviously do the same. go check it out - she is an amazing photographer and from the looks of it a wonderful cook!

and while we're on the subject of new stuff, i got a haircut today and it is preeeeeeeeetty drastic. i generally don't do boring haircuts, but since i've been to london, the mop hasn't been too radical. but today i decided to throw caution to the wind and go for something slightly outrageous. so i'm a bit shorter, a bit brighter, and feeling shiny and new just in time for the holidays. woop!

food-wise, i made a delicious snack yesterday and have to give it a huge ringing endorsement. mama pea knows a thing or two about delicious grub.

pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas

check peas and thank you for the original recipe!

time to make the delicious feast. menu includes at least two recipes i learned at leith's!