A Born Chef

It's safe to say that I didn't grow up with a PASSION for cooking. In fact, I really didn't take any interest in it until last year. That is the truth! But my aunt brought some very old photographs of me and my family when she came to London last November, and one stuck out pretty strongly:

Ah yes, that would be me learning how to make lemonade and cookies at rosecliff in Newport one summer. I was 9? 10? But I was definitely with my cousins and we had fun in the kitchen of this HUUUUGE mansion.

So I guess there is some history to my culinary life after all :)

No recipe today, I'm afraid. I have some goooood ideas for dinners this week, so tomorrow I'll post tonight's dinner, etc etc. Get ready for a fishy dish and another take on dal.

Have a great Monday (and happy mlk day!)