Beautiful Dal

If you don't know who mark bittman is, you should. His philosophies on food and cooking just *make sense*. And it seems to me that his recipes are simple enough without being boring or dumbed down. It's all about exciting dishes with fresh ingredients and a very enthusiastic nod to clean eating. So I was excited when I was staying at our hotel in Austin that we received the New York Times delivered to our door every morning! The day before my birthday, there was a Mark Bittman article with five recipes for dal - my birthday came early. I ripped the page out and brought it home with me, only to discover that there's this thing called the internet and all of the recipes appeared on the NY Times website. Still, I had to try out one of the dals last night - the mung bean one to be exact. After a quick trip to Whole Foods (the only place I could think of that would actually carry dried mung beans), dinner was ready to be prepared Bittman-style.

This is absolutely delicious and reaffirms my belief in the power of dal. The flavors are outstanding.

Mung Bean Dal with Apples and Coconut Tarka

Following this recipe by Mark Bittman from the Minimalist in the New York Times

It may not look like much, but trust me - it's heavenly. The sweetness of the coconut, mixed with the crunchy flavours in the tarka, mixed with the bean mixture..... YUM.

Get the full recipe for this mung bean dal here. I'd love to try the four others sometime as well! Woop!

One note: the only thing that could have made this dinner better would have been some green veggies on the side. But something very simple so as not to take away from the main attraction.