far from boring

last night, i was treated to a delicious meal at my friend jess's house - along with the rest of our adorable little book club. we meet every 2 months or so to discuss the latest book we've read drink wine and gossip. actually, last night there was a great deal of book discussion. the book in question was the handmaid's tale by margaret atwood, a classic that none of us had read before. i thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great time hearing what everyone else though about it last night. jess cooked us a delicious thai chicken curry with rice - something she learned in ACTUAL THAILAND when she was traveling through asia last year. i wish i had taken a picture of it for you - but just imagine a coconutty broth with some chicken, mange touts, eggplant, and tasty spices with a bed of rice. YUM.

what i DID manage to photograph was dessert - referenced in the title of the post. it was so simple but SO GOOD. jess took two bars of dark chocolate and smashed them all up into bits, then scattered the chocolate over a bowl of cherries and let us all help ourselves around the table.

(sorry about the iphone photo)

it was such a wonderful combination and something everyone can enjoy for a sweet treat after dinner. thanks jess!

tonight is my birthday party at a south pacific themed bar. can't wait to put a flower in my hair and pretend it's tropical rather than freezing outside! catch you tomorrow...