Jetlag = I'm Incoherent

So this should make for an interesting blog post, eh? :) But I couldn't possibly leave this blog back in the days of 2009 for a moment longer. So without further ado, here's where I've been and what I've been enjoying for the last two weeks..... (all photos gloriously taken by Phil)

Christmas numero dos (or was it tres?) in Newport

Finally! Sugar cookie sleigh ride! Phil is enthused

Aaaand pfeffernusse cookies, which I haven't had in like 8 years - check the nice and friendly ingredients!

Aaaaand Coconut Bliss ice cream (bliss being the operative word)

New year's eve in Newport was immense - I contributed two recipes to the dinner party, both of which I learned at Leith's!

The beginning of 2010 brought us to the Hudson Valley in New York state, where we met up with some friends and saw beautiful icicles.

We also happened upon an awesome whiskey distillery and took a tour! (I know some people who would have appreciated it much more than me...)

And then a snowy drive back to Boston for a couple of days of being tourists.

Early in the morning we caught a flight to Austin, and had a whale of a time!

Luckily, we had insiders to tell us about a great lunch place that happened to be serving 99 cent sandwiches while we were in town - YUM. It was popular:

Here were our sandwich bags, after we stuffed our faces with awesome. How cool is this place?

Then it was my birthday. I had a STRONG margarita at lunch :)

And finally, cara's wedding, where I got to finally sample some of teddy's delicious cooking... Check out this Mexican spiced grain burger (made with millet and cornmeal) topped with some lovely salsa and guac. MMMM.

So that's what I've been up to. What about you?

I'm sorry for the randomness of this post. Blame it on two weeks of living out of a (giant) suitcase and having major sleep deprivation. I won't even go into the almost-nightmare of being stuck in Dallas airport.... I promise I won't :)

Happy 2010 everyone! Back to normal tomorrow