Exciting News

There won't be any recipes today, I'm sorry to say. But I will make up for it tomorrow, as I'm going to be making a big American-style dinner in honor of the Superbowl (they are actually showing it on TV here! But it doesn't start until like 11pm...). That means chips and guac (and salsa), chili and cornbread (and rice), and some yummy cake for dessert. I'll have the chili, cornbread, and cake recipes ready for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. The cake is a recipe I found the other day and it is called MOLLY cake! How cool is that??

In the meantime, I have two bits of very exciting news to share with you.

  1. sainsbury's (a massive supermarket chain here in the UK) has invited me to a "tailor made allergy and intolerance friendly dinner party" on Feb 23rd at their London headquarters! I'll be joining other allergy and foodie bloggers to take part in this wonderful meal prepared by some great chefs as part of their try nation program. I'm so excited to be invited and will definitely tell you all about it afterwards. How fun!
  2. One of my new favorite blogs, (never home)maker, are giving me a guest post spot next Friday as part of their new "reader spotlight" deal. This is a great blog to read - it covers all kinds of stuff: vegan cooking, DIY, craft projects, being young and paying the bills, owning cats, etc etc. You know, all the usual stuff :) Anyway, I'm thrilled to be a part of this and am so grateful to Ashley for having me! More info next friday.

So The Particular Kitchen is moving on up in the world, slowly but surely. I really appreciate all the readers I've gained recently and love getting comments, so continue to leave messages and I'll do my best to respond to everyone!

Thanks my loves!