Freefrom Dinner Party

Last night was the sainsbury's food allergy and intolerance dinner party at Sainsbury's HQ in Holborn - the first event I've been invited to as a result of starting this blog! I felt really honored to be asked and was really curious about how this whole evening would play out. This event was planned in conjunction with the release and redesign of Sainsbury's freefrom product range, which focus on a wide variety of delicious products sold in their shops which are literally FREE FROM many of the common allergens. Before the dinner party, all of the bloggers invited were asked to submit some recipes of our own, as well as inform the Sainsbury's Try Team which dishes we missed the most as a result of our allergies or intolerances. They came up with a great menu, including one dish submitted by yours truly. Have a look!

They had a beautiful dining table set up for us to enjoy this three course meal - most of which was cooked and prepared by us bloggers that evening. My prawn pad thai dish (with a few alterations) was prepared by the lovely pippa (The Intolerant Gourmet), who I got the opportunity to hang out with before the event. We are total twins! I made a chinese stir fry, which didn't contain any soy (and was vegetarian - could easily be made vegan, but the dressing contained honey). Check it out:

All the finished dishes before we scoffed them (it was just a coincidence that my stir fry was in the spotlight!):

My favorite of the evening had to be the sweet potato wedges with turmeric, lime, and coconut. SO GOOD and definitely worth a try on my own sometime soon:

I met some wonderful ladies (and one dude haha) from around the blogosphere - as well as some great girls from 1000 heads. And of course, the brilliant team from Sainsbury's - they were all so welcoming and a delight to meet. They made special versions of everything just for Pippa and I (as we seemed to be the most intolerant of the lot!) - and sent us home with a great goodie bag! Mine included some special beef stock, Thai green curry sauce, gluten-free spaghetti, and tasty-looking granola. I can't wait to try this stuff.

Roxy from 1000 Heads was taking photos with her amazing camera all night, so I'll post some better pictures once they come through - including some of me and the rest of us wearing HAIRNETS and WHITE LAB COATS. Very attractive.

It's a wonderful thing that a national supermarket chain is so invested in catering to the ever-growing population of food allergy sufferers. Holding an event like this just shows how committed they are to connecting with the public on this issue - and I love that we all got to share ideas and recipes with each other. It's exciting to think that MY recipe will potentially be available to all Sainsbury's customers!

Anyway, like I said, I feel really honored to have been included in this dinner party. Check out the blogs of some of the other attendees below - they are all fabulous people with a great attitude and passion for food!