fun w/ rosie

yesterday, i spent the afternoon working with rosie at her adorable deli cafe in brixton market. it's been around for 6 years now, but still has the charm of a fresh-faced new coffee shop. she's made great use of the space (it's limited) and cooks up beautiful creations in a tiny baby belling oven. this cafe is somewhere i've heard about from multiple friends of mine. it's famous in brixton; rosie got plenty of regular visitors throughout the day whom she all greeted with a friendly smile, and sometimes would get right to work on their "usual" orders.

as i said yesterday, i got the gig through twitter, which just goes to show how powerful that old internet can be! i've been following rosie's blog for a few months now (she always talks about her recent baking exploits and makes readers drool with the photos). i also recently picked up her book, spooning with rosie, which is a down-to-earth yet super foodie-friendly collection of recipes and drawings. i'll point out the obvious here: she's a total inspiration to someone like me. putting together a cafe, a steady online and offline following, AND writing a book. and all before she turns 30!

my work yesterday mostly involved me clumsily navigating my way through the tiny kitchen, washing dishes, attempting to make coffee, and toasting up some lovely fresh ciabatta sandwiches. and i observed while rosie put together a gorgeous pea and caerphilly soup, a courgette quiche, a date and cashew cake with a butterscotch icing, a beautiful sundried tomato hummus, AND some lemon ginger shortbread cookies (heart-shaped for valentine's day).

best of all, she's lovely. extremely patient when it came to me and my fumblings. and super friendly to anyone and everyone. even the pervy guys working at the fruit and vegetable stall across the walk from her cafe.

i'll definitely go back - if not to work, then certainly to sit and enjoy the food and company. stay tuned as well: i may just be selling some vegan baked goods there in the future - just need to perfect the recipes :)

sidenote: please head over to (never home)maker to see my guest post on my favorite jetlag cure!

another sidenote: you'll have to forgive the imminent lack of recipes here for the next few days. i'm being whisked away to PARIS by my amazing boyfriend, so perhaps i'll be able to get a post or two in about some delicious french cuisine (allergy-hateful, of course). we return on wednesday, so until then - i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great valentine's day! <3