le recap

it is HIGH TIME i gave a bit of an update on the last few days! obviously, in a perfect world, i could have dictated my blog posts and they would have just automatically written and published themselves. but then life kind of took over - phil and i were in paris for 5 days, we got engaged and forgot about pretty much everything and everyone else for a while, and now i'm back in london and have got some sort of flu-like bug that i can only attribute to my stubborn non-boots-wearing self. let me just say that writing "we got engaged" just then was so surreal! i don't think i will ever get used to calling myself someone's fiancee. but i LOVE it.

however, on february 13th (the day we headed off to paris), i wasn't wearing a ring on my finger and life was pretty normal. and we took loads of food photos just for the blog. so here's where the real update begins. because that's what you're here for: information about food, not my own gushing!

and i was really nervous at first about what i would be able to eat in paris, and if it would be HEALTHY as well as delicious. two things i knew: french food involves lots of butter (1) and meat (2). as i navigate my way through this weird diet i've got, i knew i'd have to adjust my normal daily lifestyle while in paris.

i did a little bit of research prior to heading off - we found a list of about 4 vegetarian/vegan restaurants (only one of which we actually went to!) and the rest of the time, i didn't stick to my "no bread" plan. you didn't know about this plan, but i sort of made it up in my head before we left. i tried to tell myself i could manage 5 days in paris without bread. i was dead wrong. this was mainly due to breakfast.

so on saturday night, the night we arrived, we actually ate in a beautiful (and TINY) vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant called les cinq saveurs d'anada. luckily, it was right near our hotel (near le pantheon), so we could walk there and back pretty easily.

on arrival, we sat down and ordered wine. it came out in an adorable small jug (and so did the water).

we both ordered platters - mine involved fish, quinoa, and plenty of veg, while phil's had some seitan and seaweed (macrobiotic-style).

unbelievably good, and a relief to know that we started out our paris trip on a pretty healthy note! aaaaaaaaaand then we had dessert - their french apple tart was vegan!


the next day (valentine's day) we had a great little breakfast at a local cafe. this was the only breakfast we had out - the rest of the time, phil (being an absolute legend) wandered into town every morning to buy himself a few crossiants and me a small baguette which we ate with a jar of jam he bought on the first day (using a borrowed knife from our hotel). it was either that or spend €13 on the hotel's breakfast. um no thanks. we also got some nice fresh fruit and juice as well.

i love the little pots of strawberry jam!

after that, we wandered around the market at place monge (which is HUGE!) - just look at all the beautiful and fresh goods.

after the market, we wandered around paris a lot. it was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel to the banks of the seine, and from there we walked around the louvre, notre dame, and chatelet. phil took lots of photos - and worked up an appetite. we stopped in an awesome algerian restaurant called au bon couscous for lunch, where they gave us a complimentary glass of kir to start our meal! they recommended sharing a bowl of couscous and then ordering two main dishes to split. this ended up being WAY too much food. i ordered the vegetarian casserole and phil ordered the vegetarian tagine. both were delicious - but would have been better to share with more people!


honestly, the rest of our time feels like a bit of a blur! we didn't take any other food photos at our meals out (one of which was at my wonderful cousin's home near the eiffel tower) - suffice it to say that we ate our weight in fresh bread, beautiful fish, and ridiculously good chocolate and wine.

so now that i'm home, and back to some semblance of reality, normal posting will resume. tonight, we are making carrot and coriander soup - hopefully this will ease my sore throat and aching head. i'll try not to screw up the cooking by getting distracted from the shiny thing on my finger.