out for sushi

mmmm let's talk sushi on a thursday morning, shall we? i know my other soy-allergic friends out there will agree with me when i say: it's a gosh darn shame. oh fiddlesticks. i am so perturbed. and other g-rated phrases...

asian cuisine is one of my favourites - i used to love getting chinese takeaway from this place across the street when i lived in philadelphia. and i've recently enjoyed having not one, not two, but THREE amazing thai places to choose from within walking distance of our flat here in south west london. but there are two dilemmas.

1. soy is a major part of the asian diet, and you'd be hard-pressed to find more than a couple of dishes that don't include it.

2. try explaining to the waiter/waitress that you are allergic to soy - lucky they don't drag you out of the front door by the ear.

but one old standby that never fails me (or at least hasn't YET) is sushi. and it took me a while to truly enjoy the stuff (i'm no longer afraid of the word "raw" and neither should you be).

there are some amaaaaazing sushi spots in san diego (and all along the west coast of america, actually) but it's a bit of struggle finding places that are equally awesome in london. ah well, can't have it all i guess.

two stand out though. if you're ever in london and are craving decent sushi (and want some great value for money, and a little bit of entertainment value) - go to either hi sushi or kurumaya. they both have a great selection of rolls and sashimi, and soy is completely avoidable.

hi sushi has several locations - i've only been to the soho branch before. my friend jess recommended it, and i'm so glad she did! they have a superb all-you-can-eat deal for £15 per person. it's unreal how much food you get for the money - definitely worth a look.

kurumaya - i won't even say it... take a look at this:

that, my friends, is a BOAT OF SUSHI (and lucy, smiling down upon it!) - yeah. drink it in. it's a thing of beauty.

so those are my two sushi endorsements for london - if you're in san diego, i'm jealous of your proximity to zensei and sushi deli (THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR reviews????), but i digress.

and i know unagi sounds gross, but give it a try seriously. it's the best - just ask for it without the eel sauce, non-soy-eaters.

and fyi: a california roll here includes mayonnaise. what is it with europeans and mayo? that stuff will show up in the most unexpected places sometimes...

thus concludes the end of my weird ramble about sushi. thank you for reading this. i want to give you a virtual hug.

p.s. i will be working at rosie's deli cafe tomorrow! and all because of rosie tweeting about how she needed some help. god bless twitter!