a particular plate

a friend of mine recently alerted me to a very familiar looking plate from the american store pier 1 - she had seen it in one of their shops in blue and white, exactly like my logo - and i had to have it! so my mom went on a bit of a mission to find them, and totally succeeded. i am so excited to have two plates that are almost identical to my 'particular kitchen' plate!

i need to get some of those wire plate hangers. i'm looking forward to moving in a few months so we can start over and decorate a whole new kitchen!

it is phil's birthday on wednesday, so we are celebrating all weekend - today his parents are coming to london and we're all going out for a beautiful thai dinner tonight. cannot WAIT - it's been a while since i've had thai food.

last night was lots of fun - friends from all over town came to a pub near us from some friendly drinks to celebrate phil's birthday - and i decided to bake a cake yesterday for the occasion. knowing how much he loves cheesecake, i decided to go with that. knowing full well that there would be no way i could possibly eat any of it. the things we do for love, eh?

so i did a little hunting for a plain baked cheesecake, something that didn't require millions of ingredients or hours of setting. and i'm pretty sure i found a winner: bbc good food's baked vanilla cheesecake. it's super simple and doesn't require that much effort or time. yet the results were pretty good - at least, that's what all the folks who tried it told me anyway! were they just being nice?? i guess i'll never know :)

obviously there is nothing 'particular' about this cake at all - and i doubt there are any recipes for cheesecake that are dairy-free, egg-free, AND soy-free. but i shall leave you with a photo of my creation and a fun fact: in america, cheesecake usually has a graham cracker crust but in england they like to use digestive biscuits. and in my ingredient shopping yesterday, i found that many brands' versions of digestives are vegan! hooray! so, there IS something particular about that cake after all :)

(topped with fresh raspberries - because they look pretty, definitely NOT to hide a big crack in the cake, nope definitely not)