baking success (with eggs)

ah fiddlesticks. do you recall the last time i attempted to make this beautiful raspberry walnut loaf? it ended up coming out a bit of a mess - and we renamed it "puzzle cake", referring to the crust on the top breaking into pieces, and us having to put it back together again. well i tried, tried again. and this time i had a much better result. due in no small part to my using actual eggs, as the recipe suggests. so i'm sorry to all of my egg-free amigos - this recipe contains them. but i was making the cake for a friend's birthday, and i wanted it to be perfect. there was no room for experimentation. the eggs held it all together nicely, even with the splodge of raspberry jam in the center.

i also used flaked almonds instead of chopped walnuts, which i think brought something special to the cake (since it uses ground almonds anyway) - although i couldn't taste it for myself so i don't actually know!

these photos were taken before i added a healthy dusting of powdered sugar to the top, making the raspberry/jam topping really stand out. if nothing else, it LOOKED prettier than my previous attempt!

please check my original post for the full recipe - in this case i substituted the chopped walnuts for flaked almonds and i used regular self-raising flour (not gluten free). and of course, eggs.

the trick here with the jam filling is to have enough of the batter on the bottom of the pan so that you can create a long trench in the middle to fill it without it leaking out of the sides or bottom of the cake.

the only way this cake would work without eggs is to omit the jam filling. it needs all the binding it can get!