cutting corners

all weekend and the beginning of this week, i've been feeling as though i'm coming down with a cold. you know that feeling you get in the back of your nose and throat? when it's kind of scratchy and sore? that's how it's been for 4 days. but luckily (knock on wood) it hasn't gotten any worse. still, last night, i wasn't really in the mood to make an elaborate meal for phil and i. it was the perfect time to try out the sainsbury's freefrom thai green curry sauce that was in my goodie bag from the freefrom dinner party a few weeks ago.

it was the perfect amount for the two of us, mixed with some thinly sliced red chilis, some cooked and peeled king prawns, and a spritz of lime juice.

now, ordinarily i find that thai curry sauces are usually okay for those of us with dairy, egg, and soy allergies. occasionally, they might add some soy sauce (rare) - or crack an egg on top. but with the abundance of coconut milk in thai dishes, and the use of fresh vegetables and loads of yummy spices, it's normally pretty safe.

the thing i do like about this packaged sauce is its ingredients. check it out:

Water, Coconut Cream (13%), Green Chilli, Garlic, Cornflour, Sugar, Galangal (2%), Ginger Puree, Lemongrass (1%), Sea Salt, Lime Leaf (1%), Coriander

(from sainsbury's online)

i recognize all of those things!

the other good thing about this sauce is that it is VEGAN. there is no fish sauce (another common ingredient in thai curries) - while phil and i both do eat fish, this would be really helpful for someone who wanted to do a tofu or veggie green curry (and didn't want to bother with making their own sauce).

my only criticism is that there is an overwhelming garlic flavor to this sauce. it almost takes away from what is an otherwise perfectly good curry. sooooo i'll give it 4 out of 5 stars!

here is our final product, served with a huge mound of brown basmati rice: