eating at eat

i had another pretty great experience at a chain restaurant today that i thought i'd share - i find it useful to know which national and international chains have options for us particular eaters. and today, eat on the south bank delivered the goods. i'll have to add it to the list. when i used to work in an office, there was an eat on every corner practically and i remember loving some of their soups. but today, they actually had a sandwich in the open-face fridges that not only was very allergy-friendly, but tasted really good.

it was a "superfood" sandwich on wholegrain bread, with grated beet and sweet potato, goat's cheese (sorry to vegans), and some other delicious veggies. YUM.

you could do a lot worse at a chain restaurant for lunch.

it was such a beautiful sunny day, that we spent the rest of our afternoon walking along the south bank, soaking up the sun, checking out the sand sculptures and the flautist on the very small sandy beach (which made me miss real beaches a lot!), and browsing the books at the book market.

it's days like today that make me love london.

hope you are enjoying your first day of spring too. i'm going to make a wintery casserole for dinner - hopefully the last one for a long time! - and i'll be back tomorrow with the recipe :)