more freefrom fun

it was a very weddingy day yesterday. i met up with naomi to discuss a cake - i'm soooo excited to see what she comes up with. she's such a talented vegan baker! then my maid of honor and i went to look at a venue (it wasn't right) and spent the rest of the evening looking at wedding magazines, reading wedding planning books, and putting together a big scrapbook that my mom sent to me yesterday. it's extremely girly and fun. i'm not gonna lie about it. but after all the giggles and scrapbooking, dinner had to be fit in somewhere. i wanted to try a new recipe involving spaghetti and crab with fennel, but ended up putting something a bit random together. the main excitement of the dish is the new sainsbury's freefrom spaghetti, made from corn and rice so it's 100% gluten-free. and once cooked, it doesn't fall to pieces or go too sticky like other gluten-free pastas can. i mainly followed a recipe i'd used before - spicy crab, chili, and lemon pasta - but with a few tweaks. i didn't buy a whole crab - just a little pot of crab meat from the store. it was plenty for the two of us!

for the recipe, click here

what i changed:

  • gluten-free spaghetti instead of spelt tagliatelle
  • baby spinach instead of rocket
  • no white wine
  • 1 onion finely chopped instead of baby leeks