there's quinoa in my pasta

good sunday afternoon! hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. i've only got one week left until i fly out to boston for a holiday, hurray! so a little while ago, my mom sent a care package with all kinds of american goodies (not candy and chocolate and peanut butter, as you might expect, but instead larabars, quinoa pasta, and spoons - she knows me well). for dinner the other night, phil and i decided to use one of the boxes of quinoa pasta and i think i'm hooked on the stuff now. we used the "garden pagoda" variety. i would like to know what garden pagodas are called in italy because something tells me that's not the official italian name for this pasta shape.

i put together a homemade tomato sauce (using actual tomatoes, not canned) with garlic, onion, basil, celery, and carrot and the result was great! this is the first gluten-free pasta i've tried that doesn't lose in its consistency. it isn't grainy or chewy and it doesn't fall apart. thank goodness!

i'm so glad we cooked the whole box because having it cold the next day for dinner was a really good idea :)

the colors look kind of bland here, especially because the tomato sauce was more of an orange than a red. but it was nice having some colorful pasta. yum yum.

sorry, no recipe to report really. i sort of based it on a mark bittman idea of doing grated carrot and small slices of celery in your tomato sauce. but is that recipe print-worthy? doubt it.

back tomorrow with a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe - very delicious.