curry with friends

chalk my absence up to a whirlwind of good times here in boston! i didn't count on neglecting my blog so much, but phil and i have been adventuring, learning how to navigate this city and enjoying spending time with my aunt and uncle and cousin. to thank them for their hospitality (and to feel more at home here at their house in cambridge) phil and i decided to make dinner for them. more people came along, and pretty soon we were cooking for a party of 10! the obvious menu choice was curry - something you don't get very often in new england, but also something we've gotten pretty comfortable with cooking. it's a crowd pleaser too - and we have tons of leftovers today in the fridge. but two simple curries with lots and lots of vegetables and spices were simmering away for a couple of hours last night before we all sat down to enjoy them.

haha, we didn't even use that fresh cilantro in the end!

phil got a great tutorial from my uncle about all the neat stuff he can do with his new camera - they had a lot of fun using the rapid-fire function. i won't post the 100+ photos here! but my uncle got tons of action shots of phil cooking.

our two curries are on the right, simmering away. phil is working on a simple stirfry that we made for my cousin and his friends. i think we bought one of everything in the fresh produce department of a nearby whole foods. it was GIGANTIC and made any supermarket i've been to in london pale in comparison.

my mom decoupaged those salt and pepper shakers ages ago! it was fun using them in our cooking last night.

so now we're going to enjoy the weekend - going out for dinner and a movie tonight i think, and a possible trip to the cape is in my future. but before i leave for the west coast on wednesday, i'm going to enjoy the time we have here in boston - explore some of the neighborhoods and drive around.

hope it is nice and sunny where you are - it has been crazy weather here! - and i'll try to update on a more regular basis. so far, allergies haven't been a problem. even with a few meals out, including lunch at cpk yesterday, it's been easy going for the intolerances!