Not a Lobstah

Greetings from Newport, Rhode Island!

It is absolutely beautiful here - the weather is more like summer than spring and we've been making the most of it, taking nice long walks around town and enjoying the sunshine. Seems crazy to think about the gross weather we left behind in London. It is April!

We've got one more day here at my Dad's house before we head up to Boston for a week, so we made the most of our seaside location by having fresh fish for dinner last night. And once again, I poached it. Apparently my Dad and his gf had never experienced poached fish before, which definitely put the pressure on! But it turned out nice and light and flaky, just as it had at recipease, and the other night at home. We picked up some fresh hake at a nearby fish shop (actually it was a lobster place with a couple pieces of fish - you should have seen how many lobsters they had and how HUGE some of them were!). Hake is a really nice fish, reminds me of halibut.

With that, Phil made some beautiful sweet potato fries - he lovingly brushed each fry with a combo of olive oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg, and paprika. They came out perfectly.

We also had a nice big veggie stir-fry to go with it - this involved some garlic, shitake mushrooms, bok choy, red pepper, spring onions, broccoli, and pine nuts. Yummmmmm.

Before all of that, we munched on some fresh baguette sliced up with some amaaaaaazing goat cheese called Midnight Moon. It was unlike anything I'd had before - they bought a wedge of it at a nearby bakery/deli. Tasted more like gouda or something - really nice. It came from cypress grove chevre in Arcata, California. What an adorable company!

Today we went out for an awesome breakfast at ocean coffee roasters - I had their homemade granola (and snuck in a pot of goat yogurt to top it with) and some fresh fruit. Phil had a huge plate of eggs and hash browns and toast. It was classic American diner stuff and it was perfect. And best of all, I didn't have to order "off the menu"! Take that, Bourdain!

We're most likely cooking dinner at home again tonight, so I'll give a full recap as soon as I can with more East coast eating adventures :)