think i'll go to boston

my apologies for a lack of posting yesterday - i took a day to rest and fully recover, pack, and prepare for the travels. i did happen to poach some fish for dinner last night (which we bought at the farmer's market yesterday - some delicious gilt head bream) but didn't take photos. it was exactly the same preparation as i did at recipease on tuesday. my enormous suitcase is packed with a very random assortment of clothes (packing makes me anxious, i always feel like i'm gonna regret my decisions) and our flight leaves in a few hours. pretty soon we'll be looking at this river again (minus the snow!)...

this gorgeous photo was taken by phil when we were in boston in early january. the charles river was completely frozen solid and covered with a thick layer of snow. it was so peaceful! but it will be nice to see everything in bloom and the river flowing once again. i'm looking forward to some warmer temperatures. so glad i kicked this illness (knock on wood!) - next blog post will come to you from across the pond.

phil's just stoked to buy a new HUGE JAR OF JIF PEANUT BUTTER.