Most Hated Words

During last evening's food writing class at Leiths, we were each asked to come up with five words that we couldn't stand in relation to food. It was a lot of fun, going around the room and giggling at everyone's responses. A lot of people hate "delicious", "tasty", and "nice" when describing food or reading recipes/reviews. And while I can't say I've NEVER used the words I now hate in food writing, here are mine.

  1. Friends

    I don't loathe Jamie Oliver as much as some others do, but I can't stand when he describes two ingredients as being "friends" or "mates". It just bothers me. I tried to find a clip on Youtube, but it appears that no one has that much free time :) Basically, just picture Mr. Oliver going, "Right, so just roast your potatoes with some rosemary, yeah? Cos they're really good mates, innit?"

  2. Moreish

    A distinctly British word, used to describe something you could eat over and over again. It is most commonly found in conjunction with sweet things and dessert. And it drives me up the wall! When I first heard it, it was in an episode of 'Peep Show' (find the clip here - WARNING - contains blatant drug use and references!) - I thought it was referencing the Spanish moors. No wonder I was confused! Anyway, it's not even a word in my opinion. Just get rid!

  3. Perfect

    I admit I'm guilty of using this one - but I now know that it's just not nice to read in relation to food. Nobody is perfect, no recipe is the ultimate one. It may be perfect for me, but it may not be for you. So I'm going to make a concerted effort never to say it on the blog again!

  4. Stodgy

    Another favorite in British food writing and TV. Even though I actually quite enjoy certain stodgy foods (roast potatoes, definitely), I hate the word. Especially when it is supposed to make me LIKE the recipe in question. It doesn't sound good to me - it sounds like a description of a short, pudgy man. Unappetizing.

  5. Anything added to the word "yum" (i.e. yummers, holy yum)

    While I have been known to say "yummy" once or twice (or more), I can't stand "holy yum" or "yummers" or anything else of that ilk. Yes, I am guilty of saying "yumsville" once, and I chalk that up to a Superbowl-induced moment of weakness. It was all the cornbread! But they're just a bit too Rachael Ray for me.

So, now that I've shared mine, what are your least favorite words when reading about food? And we're not talking specific ingredients here, just descriptive words or phrases. What makes you shudder when you hear or read it?