Tapas Night

Yesterday, in celebration of today's bank holiday, some friends of ours threw a tapas party at their house. It would have been wonderful to have had it outside - but we live in a country where mother nature doesn't care what month it is or how close to summer it might be. Rainy and upper 40s instead. So we huddled inside their kitchen and everyone pitched in to make a huuuuge feast of Spanish delights. And much to Phil's and my delight, we discovered that there aren't too many Spanish dishes we can't eat. :)

Here is a photo that doesn't do justice to a spicy and warming dish our friend John created, a chorizo and potato hash. Sort of the Spanish answer to bangers and mash...

This was after several glasses of sangria, so that might explain why it's the only shot I got.

Other items on the menu yesterday:

  • Spanish omelette
  • Paella (two kinds - a vegetarian one just for Phil!)
  • Hummus and baba ghanoush (ok, not very Spanish, but tasty nonetheless)
  • Bread with tomato spread
  • Olives and sun dried tomatoes
  • patatas bravas

Phil had to roll me home.