back to school

two weeks ago, i sent off my application to bauman college in the hopes of being accepted into their nutrition consultant program - and today i found out that i've been accepted! i will begin my course very soon, but in the meantime, i'll tell you a bit more about it and what this means for the particular kitchen.

a family friend alerted me to bauman back when i was visiting boston in april. i immediately looked it up when i got back to london and fell in love with the program. even though they are based in california, they offer a distance learning option which is primarily online and over the phone. it is broken up into two sections: nutrition consultant and nutrition educator. by the time i complete both sections, i will be able to become a certified nutrition consultant and start my own private practice. that's the plan, anyway!

since starting the particular kitchen back in september, i've really become interested in learning more about food sensitivities and hope to help people who are in a similar position to how i was six years ago, when i first heard that i had these intolerances. this course will not only give me the tools to start a career in the field but will also provide extra credentials for the blog, so it can become a serious resource for anyone wanting more information on the subject of food sensitivities.

for the foreseeable future, i'll try to keep the blog updated as often as i have been (although i can guarantee that i won't be posting daily any more). i'll still be experimenting in the kitchen and will post any great recipes i stumble upon. the first section of the course takes 10 months to complete, so i'll be updating you with my progress along the way.

i'm so excited to start this journey and hope that i can one day help YOU!

if you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.