one of my faves

after an indulgent and carb-heavy week in paris, i felt like i needed at least a day off! i relished my sunday, not eating bread - perhaps not because i was craving any, but because i knew that whatever i found in london wouldn't be half as good as a parisian baguette. it was extremely lucky, then, that phil had already planned our dinner of fresh salmon and asparagus from the farmer's market - that was it, nothing else on the plate - and it was exactly what i wanted. a very simple and lovely welcome-home dinner.

the salmon was cooked on a griddle pan with olive oil and a bit of seasoning. when it was almost finished, we brushed it with a little pit of mustard-dill sauce, very similar to the one used in this recipe back in feb. the rest was poured on top of the cooked salmon on our plates. and the asparagus was quite simple roasted in a hot oven with olive oil and seasoning, then spritzed with fresh lemon juice once on the plate.

if you're feeling a bit softer in the belly than normal, i'd really recommend a dinner like this. something light, fresh, and easy to prepare - but still satisfying. have some brown rice on the side if this doesn't fill you up enough.

i'm spending the day out and about southwest london with my dad, but i'll be baking a couple of new desserts tomorrow in time for a hen do i'm attending this weekend, so i'll post those recipes in a day or two (barring any failures).

hope your summer is going well so far!