roquette et asperges

a very belated 'bonjour' from paris! i am writing to you from my bedroom in the apartment where we are staying, just down a small rue from the eiffel tower. last night we took full advantage of our proximity and walked down the street at 10:59 just in time to watch the sparkles at 11:00. i love how everyone cheers when it begins!

it's been a whirlwind trip already - i can't believe how fast this week has gone by. we leave for london on sunday morning, but it feels as though we only arrived yesterday. the food has been nothing short of spectacular - we even managed to cook a couple of times for dinner.

for example, last night myself, my dad, and my grandma all helped to prepare a meal for the 3 of us using mostly ingredients from the farmer's market on avenue president wilson. it was a really long market with stall upon stall of fresh everything, as well as great little gifts. i picked up a bread cutting board (with slats in and a crumb catcher), and a pair of espadrilles. every european lady needs a good pair of espadrilles in the summer :)

my grandma had seen a recipe for veal kidneys (controversial!!) that she wanted to cook so we had those for a starter along with some fresh arugula (roquette). it was my first time eating veal and/or something so visually unappealing as kidneys, but i savored them - mostly for my grandma's sake :) and my dad fell in love with this baby asparagus that looked more like a stalk of bright green wheat or barley. it was delicious, roasted with fingerling potatoes, red onion, and just a tiny bit of olive oil. along with that, we roasted some lamb with rosemary and garlic. the result was a meat-lovers paradise (apologies to my vegan/vegetarian readers and phil, and his parents) and i soaked up every last morsel with chunks of crusty baguette.

the dairy and egg eaters among us were treated to strawberry and raspberry tartlettes that i picked up from our favorite patisserie earlier that day. every day we stop by this sweet woman's shop for a baguette, a pain au chocolat for dad, and maybe come back later for dessert. i have been perfectly happy, however, having my usual breakfast of goat's yogurt (in little glass pots!!), muesli, and berries.

we're headed to a lovely little bistro for dinner tonight to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday. apparently the obamas recently dined there (which we found out after we ate there on our first night, just by accident) - it is brilliant. if you're ever in paris and in the 7th arrondissement, go to la fontaine de mars (make a reservation though).

i'll give the full paris recap when i return to londres!