Enjoy and Avoid

Thank you to everyone who has voted for me thus far in project food blog's 2nd challenge. I'll find out tomorrow evening if I've made it through to round three, by which point I'll be at Phil's parents' home - and may potentially have to cook up a delicious three course meal! So we shall see and keep our fingers crossed :) In the meantime, I've been studying hard, learning all about macronutrients. Before you yawn with boredom, instead of just writing about nutrition facts and figures, I thought I'd share a little list that my school's founder, ed bauman, came up with. I think this is a fabulous little list - handy for those of us who know they need to change their diets, but aren't sure where to start.

This is a "what to avoid" and "what to enjoy" list. It comes from a chapter all about dysglycemia, or disturbed blood sugar regulation. So many of us suffer from that without realizing - all because we eat too much sugar and salt and not enough good protein, good fat, and complex carbohydrates. (And by the way, I'm really guilty of this - sweet tooth, much?)

Enjoy this list. It's pretty basic, nothing too difficult to understand, but what's important to take away from it is that there are always healthier options than the refined, processed stuff we are bombarded with (and this goes for the UK as well as the US).

The smallest changes make the biggest differences!