Freefrom Christmas Party

This is not a sight you'd expect to see in October, is it? Nevertheless, it was a great evening at sainsbury's HQ with a complete Christmas dinner (mostly desserts :)) and some fabulous people. I'm still full! Much like the last Freefrom dinner party they held, all the diners got to work in the kitchen. We cooked up most of the dishes for the meal in groups of two. I made plum crumble with Hayley, an awesome girl who works in social media. We chatted and made, arguably, the most scrumptious plum crumble of all time. I might be exaggerating slightly. Plus, I like to think my own recipe for plum crumble is better :) But this was damn good, with the addition of star anise in the filling and flaked almonds sprinkled on top. I might have to add these two special ingredients to mine next time!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We had a whole Christmas dinner to get through first, and that started with some cute little canapes cut into Christmas tree shapes and turkey sprinkled with cocoa (surprisingly tasty), but I was really impressed with their almond nut roast. It's wonderful that vegetarian main courses are becoming more of a consideration when it comes to big dinner parties such as this. Knowing that all of the ingredients used to make these dishes are available at a national supermarket chain such as Sainsbury's is equally comforting to know.

And of course, my favorite part of Christmas dinner: all the lovely vegetables! Roasted potatoes and parsnips, broccoli, carrots, mushroom pilaf..... YUM!

We all tucked into our giant plates of food and went back for seconds, but made sure to leave room for the dessert - just as many dishes as the main course!

Of course, it started with fresh fruit - also on the table were chocolate profiteroles, our fabulous plum crumble, classic English trifle, warm mince pies (I had two, they were pre-made in the freefrom range and really good!), Christmas pudding (en fuego!), and several tubs of worthenshaw's freedom to try. I had a scoop of chocolate and it was fantastic - I hope my local shop stocks it soon. I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

Serious sugar coma last night. It's been a while since I've eaten that much sugar in one sitting! But it was WORTH IT for an early Christmas.

All the wonderful Sainsbury's team were very generous and sent us home with goody bags, including some of the new seasonal freefrom products, like a Christmas pudding and a chocolate advent calendar. Exciting! I'm already looking forward to December.

It was great to see pippa again (you'll see her name everywhere very soon!) as well as some other familiar friendly blogger faces, and wonderful to meet kirsty from worthenshaws.

Thanks again to Sainsbury's for inviting me. It was a spectacular evening and I'm really pleased at how dedicated they are to offering a wide selection of foods for people with special diets. Until next time!