Food Secret

The other night, I had the pleasure of visiting a great new concept restaurant right in the heart of Soho - food secret. They were having an event called "mood & food", inviting people to come and experience what the place is about, getting the chance to chat to the head chef and their consulting nutritionist. This was of great interest to me, considering that the very nature of their restaurant provides people who have varying dietary requirements with a huge amount of choice on their order.

For a working lunch, you can grab something ready-made, like the sandwiches and salads shown above. All of the labels clearly state the contents, as well as the basic nutritional profile (calories, fat, protein, etc.) which is something you just don't get at the other fast food variety sandwich shops all over London.

The interior is small but feels wide open and welcoming. The communal tables and touchscreen ordering service really make you feel like you're part of the process, rather than just another customer. If you had the time, you could order a sandwich, soup, or salad made completely to order from their huge selection of ingredients. They have a fully stocked kitchen behind that counter - making almost everything on their menu from scratch!

Yes! Look at all the green stuff! Fresh fresh fresh!

One of my favorite features had to be inside the menu - each salad, sandwich, and soup has a little fun nutritional fact about one of the ingredients. My nutrition nerd self was giddy with glee! This is right up my street!

The greatest part of the evening was my cup of soup, lovingly made by Neil Armstrong (the head chef, not the astronaut!) - at the front of the restaurant, you can see all of the ingredients displayed, along with a huge canister of hot water - everything is at his disposal to easily make up a completely unique cup of soup just for you! That's impressive and comforting, especially if you're avoiding a particular food. I mentioned how I'm unable to have soy (they have lots of Asian-inspired ingredients) and he quickly navigated his way around the table, putting together a cup full of wonderful veggies.

I can't even remember all of the bits and pieces that went into my soup, but it was absolutely delicious, and full of protein with a variety of different beans and legumes. He also threw in some homemade harissa paste at the end for a bit of a kick. Yum!

If only they had more than just this one outpost! But after speaking with some of the people behind this whole operation, I have no doubt there will be more food secrets coming soon. And they do events like this all the time - opening their doors to the public and allowing them to talk directly to the chefs and nutritionists responsible for their menu.

In the meantime, what do you think of this concept? It takes the salad bar idea and brings it to a whole new level... I personally believe it's great for the likes of us with restricted diets!