Homemade Gifts Are The Best

Similar to my chutney adventures last november, I've decided to experiment with more homemade christmas gifts this year. If you're looking for something special to make your loved ones for the holidays, why not present them with a nice little jar this year? At the risk of ruining the surprise (again - although there will be more than just this under the tree, family...), here's my latest Christmas creation: wholegrain mustard.

Of course, I had to do an experimental jar first before unleashing a whole slew of the stuff on my loved ones. But the great news about this mustard? The recipe I based it on contains no sugar or nasty stuff whatsoever. Just lots of mustard seeds (clearly), some unsweetened grape juice, and about a million different herbs and spices. The recipe actually suggests straining the mustard to create a dijon variety. However, due to a lack of correct equipment and patience, I've rolled with the wholegrain, and I think it tastes pretty damn good. So does Phil, judging from that sandwich he photographed the other day.

If you'd like to try making some this year, check out this recipe from the Guardian. It seems very complicated and involved... and it is. but the mustard is delicate to taste (although it does sting the nostrils!) I've already ordered a huge bag of mustard seeds online to give a second batch a go. Sure hope my (and Phil's) family like mustard!

Are you making any special presents this year in your kitchen? Jams? Chutneys? Beauty products? I'd love to hear about them!