Preparing For Another Thanksgiving

Only a couple more days, and it's full-on thanksgiving joy and cheer in our flat once again! Eleven of us will somehow find a place to sit in here, along with a plate and a fork and a knife each (not really sure...) but no matter what the minor details look like, it will still be a wonderful day spent with great friends. (Wish my Mom could be here again this year, but we'll be celebrating some nice big events with her very shortly...)

Last year, I had my Mom here to help with most of the cooking, especially the TURKEY! But this year I'm pretty much going solo, which is nervewracking to say the least. Phil is coming home from work as early as he can on Thursday to help out in the kitchen, and some of our friends are contributing dishes, which is going to be amazing! But I'm still freaking out about roasting my own huge turkey. Luckily, our local Whole Foods opens at 8am, so I'll be swinging by there in the morning to pick up the beast and a roasting tin, rather than struggling to find a spot for it in our teeny tiny fridge.

Anyway, the point of this post was to give you our 2010 Thanksgiving menu, with links for the recipes/inspiration behind each dish. So here it is!

{The 2010 Particular Thanksgiving Menu}

Hot apple rum cocktail

Cheesy dip with crudites


Roasted heritage turkey with gravy

Ginger cranberry sauce / cranberry jelly (canned, of course)

Wild rice stuffing with apples & pecans

Stuffed acorn squash (for Phil)

Roasted root vegetables

Green beans

Candied yams



Classic pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream

Raw pumpkin pie

You can be sure that a recap post with photos will adorn this blog just as soon as I put the fork down :)

Side note: While I haven't been eating meat very much at all lately (in fact, I can't remember the last time I ate meat!), I have decided to cook and eat some turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I've said it before: I don't think I could ever be completely vegan, but I certainly want to continue the healthy route of enjoying fresh vegetables, whole grains, and legumes more than meat in my diet. So as you can see, most of the other dishes on the menu (with the exception of the candied yams and the traditional pumpkin pie) are healthy and vegan. Balance!