the lost week

today marks day 7 of feeling under the weather - the most epic of illnesses i think i've ever had. so i thought instead of prolong the silence on the blog any more, i'd just at least show you some of the meals i managed to muster up (that weren't soup!) with phil's help of course. i was feeling pretty proud of myself for avoiding catching a cold when it seemed like everyone was coming down with something. and then i woke up on thursday last week with a fever, chills, aches & pains. so it turns out i would have been happy to settle for a simple little cold rather than this ferocious flu monster that has decided to overstay its welcome. i've been taking plenty of my own advice and drinking gallons of lemon & ginger tea, mixed with raw garlic and cayenne pepper and the occasional drop of honey. soup all day every day. and not a whole lot else. just resting, and watching cooking shows on tv, and wondering when i'll be better.

i've been beating myself up about this, since here i am trying to promote health and how eating properly will prevent illness, and then this happens. but that's not helpful - everyone gets sick, even the healthiest individuals. especially after traveling (disgusting airplane germs) and spending a couple of days in central london amongst the masses (disgusting train germs) - no one is impervious to that. i'm counting my blessings though - at least i don't have a fever any more, at least i work from home anyway, at least i didn't catch this during christmas.

so for now, forgive the silence. when i am back to normal (and my tastebuds have returned) i promise more delicious creations and health-inspired info.

in the meantime - here are the two normal meals i managed to cook this past week:

curried chickpeas with spinach and cherry tomatoes. that was lunch one day - i loaded on the spices and tasted nothing, but it looked nice!

oven-roasted salmon with butternut squash, red onion, and rosemary. very warming and stodgy. good stuff.

so i got a bloody nose after blowing my nose too vigorously. once it subsided (longer than i was comfortable with), i wasn't hungry but knew i needed to eat something for dinner. feeling a bit lightheaded, i sat back down and phil offered to create some small bites for me. the above plate is what he produced. a goats cheese tasting plate! i had two different kinds of hard goats cheese in the fridge, so he cubed both of them up and made 3 different canapes. the first (at the front) is curried goats cheese on a dried apricot. the second (just behind) is a skewer of goats cheese and a walnut, drizzled with maple syrup. and the third (in the middle) is a cube of goats cheddar wrapped in spinach, with tomato and black pepper. it was epic - certainly made me forget all about my stupid nose! p.s. my favorite was the curried one.